November Workday

We had a good workday the other week. Sadly only Gerard and J attended. Rich helped a bit in the afternoon.
Will kindly let us borrow his trailer and a trailer full of manure has been brought in. Nice black stuff, full of worms Organic horse manure from Dan. £6 a ton, brilliant! A bit of a mission to get it in the trailer but we did well. Filling up the wheelbarrow and pushing it up hill for 100 m to dump it in the trailer. Hard work, but worth it! We were hoping to do a couple of runs, but we only managed to do 1 run. We need to find another way to make it easier to get it in the trailer.
We filled in 4 big beds and the strawberry bed. We also filled up the rhubarb bed. Yes We have a separate rhubarb bed now! Before the rhubarb was in a veg bed and took about 1/6 of the bed. No good, as that is space lost where we can have veg growing. The filled in beds have been covered over and will stay like this until the spring. Time to let the worms do their thing.

Claudia has a load of strawberry plants we can have, so we can fill up the strawberry bed with these plants. Looking fwd to eating lots of strawberries next summer!

Lots of Onions have been planted. Red (Electric) and white ones (Senshyu and Radar). They have been planted in the empty spaces in the beds with spring cabbage and beetroots, leeks. I found a couple garlic bulbs in the fridge and they have also been planted.

The garden is slowly coming together.