May Workday

Everything is blooming and greening here at Heartwell; the lush rains and warm sun of May are definitely bringing the garden on beautifully, and it is a pleasure to spend time tending the land together. Our last work day saw the arrival of travelling Angus with his van living dog and cat, who generously built some much needed storage shelving in ‘The Bat Cave’ (our ramshackle tat cabin, and sometime home to a colony of bats).
As you can see, our vegetable garden is looking glorious – we have built several new raised beds over the past year, and rebuilt and filled the existing ones. Much of the current planting is thanks to our green fingered garden gnome, Jeronimo, who can oft be spotted pottering around the compost heaps and polytunnel of an evening. We are all so happy to have an abundance of seasonal veg on our doorstep! A big thanks also goes to Rich for strimming and mulching our neglected fruit bushes. Hopefully future seasons will see us artfully pruning the gooseberries and harvesting bucket-loads of raspberries for our morning porridge. We have also been trying to plant plenty of flowers for our bee populations – the solitary and bumble bees as well as our hive of honey bees. Above you can see me awkwardly tipping a barrow of manure onto a bed destined to be a bee flower bed. These have already germinated and I can’t wait to see (and share with you) what blooms appear in the coming months!