Becoming a Member

We're looking for people with some experience of community living and living in a van/caravans, and who have the time and inclination to engage with living on the land here.

Our planning permission allows for Travellers to live here in static and mobile caravans throughout the year.We also would like people to spend some of their time whilst they are living here working for social change and earth protection. 

Usually there are between 4 and 8 people living on site, we also currently have 1 cat and 1 dog.
We have bi monthly work days and bi monthly meetings and we expect everyone to try and come to these.
We also have other jobs that people take on out side of these hours to help with the running of the Co-op.
Everyone pays rent (currently £45 p/w) and this goes towards paying back the loan on the land and looking after the site
(we're happy for people to travel and sublet their pitches if they want to). We are an eco-conscious site and request that all our members respect the environment as well as each other.

We have a particular interest in Nature Awareness, Permaculture, Honouring the Earth, the Sacredness and Power of
Community, Low Impact Living and the Nomadic way of of life. We have regular (every couple of months) 'Heart circles'-
talking circles where we share our feelings in a safe, held space.

We regularly get spaces coming up so it's worth staying in touch if you are interested.