Funding & Co-op Support

Radical Routes supports co-ops to set up, keep it together and get hold of money!

We got some great free business support through these organisations-

The Co-operative Enterprise Hub

& Somerset Co-operative Services

Local Projects
and Community

Landmatters is a local ecovillage permaculture project near Cornworthy, they run courses and take on short and long term volunteers to help evolve this stunning project, which has just gained an extension of their planning permission to live on the land in low impact dwellings.

Transition Town Totnes is an inspirational and invaluable local resource.

Regenco is a Dartmoor based not-for-profit organsation committed to the reintegration of Land, People and Spirit, through ecological education , vision quests, rites of passage, wildcraft and personal reflection work. Regenco owns 24 acres of stunning wild Dartmoor land at Epone, near Chagford.