Becoming a member

Occasionally we have spaces for new members to live at Heartwell. Currently we are at capacity with seven adults and two children.

When considering new members we tend to look for people with some experience of community living and living in a van/caravans, and who have the time and inclination to engage with living on the land here. It can be quite challenging to balance our regular meetings and work commitments with a full time job, and most people here work part time hours. We are especially interested in accommodating people who invest some of their time working for social change and earth protection. 

Our business meetings happen once a fortnight, and we have a heart council approximately every six weeks. There is a weekly job rota to keep the place tidy, and a monthly work day. Attending meetings is a requirement of membership

Everyone pays rent (currently £48 p/w) and this goes towards paying back the loan on the land and looking after the site. We are an eco-conscious site and request that all our members respect the environment as well as each other.

If you’re interested in membership, drop us an email and let us know a little about you. We might invite you to a work day so we can start to get to know each other, so when a pitch comes up we have a sense of whether you will be a good fit. Contact us.