About us

Heartwell is a fully mutual housing co-operative set on an acre of land in South Devon. The land has planning permission as a travellers site and is owned and run by its member tenants – this is quite a unique situation in the UK, and one of our aims is to operate as a legal model for other land based projects. Nobody has a financial stake in Heartwell, and all members have an equal role in governance, which is organised through general meetings. We are a member of Radical Routes, a network of UK co-ops with radical political objectives that aims to challenge capitalist systems of hierarchy, exploitation and ‘money as power’. Find out more about Radical Routes from their website – www.radicalroutes.org.uk The membership of Heartwell has an ongoing interest and involvement in herbal medicine, nature connection, education, ecology, activism, earth protection and alternative, sustainable housing models.

The site is 1 acre in total- one third is hard standing for park ups and the rest is meadow/gardens and river. We have a communal space with facilities, it's a very quiet, sheltered, beautiful spot to live. It's about 4 miles north of Totnes.
Our site is close to some electricity pylons, this is something you should know and consider if you're thinking of living here.